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Miranda Samuelson

McKenzie County,

North Dakota
PFS Grant Coordinator

When called upon by the McKenzie County Community Coalition, Melissa not only jumped at the opportunity with enthusiasm but offered her services Pro Bono! In the world of coalitions, things tend to move at a snails pace and we were often playing catch up with Melissa. We were able to pitch her a rough idea of a norming campaign and she elevated it beyond our expectations! She was so empathetic to our communities needs and really took the time to understand the complex public health issue we are battling. Even though there is 1,500 miles between us, you would have thought she was right down the street. Melissa even developed a logo that our coalition now proudly displays everywhere in the town along with our campaign. Her talents have helped our community come together and our coalition to grow. We are so thankful for her time and professionalism. We couldn't have asked for a better experience with a more talented, comprehensive, and amazing designer!

Dr. Susan Lair.png

Dr. Susan B. Lair
Alexandria Country

Day School 
Head of School

St. Francis Episcopal School 

Former Head of School

It is a distinct privilege to write a letter of support for Melissa Zier. I hired Melissa as a yearbook advisor in 2010. What St. Francis Episcopal Day School received was a consummate professional, a beloved teacher, a graphic designer, a website director, and one of the most accomplished and respected marketing professionals in Houston, Texas.

Melissa was a member of the senior administrative staff and worked directly with the heads of each student division, the technology department, the admissions department, the development department, the marketing department and the Head of School’s office. After three years as the yearbook advisor, Melissa initiated, implemented, and oversaw the day-to-day communication of St. Francis. As the Assistant Director of Marketing and Communication, Melissa was a senior voice in creating the brand, vision, and voice of St. Francis. It was my personal joy to open an email or post from Melissa. Whether working on an invitation to Convocation, the school’s annual report, webpages for faculty, posts for parents, advertisements, yearbook projects with students, or the entire St. Francis Episcopal website, I was always blown away by Melissa’s creativity.

It is without reservation that I wholeheartedly support Melissa Zier. I have known her for [ten] glorious years. She leads a quiet but extremely creative life. In 2014, life took Melissa out of the Houston area. She never missed a beat and continued her creative support of St. Francis from [Singapore]. Lucky for St. Francis, Melissa returned to Houston in 2016 and rejoined St. Francis as part of the Technology and Marketing departments. She is and always has been of the highest moral caliber, both personally and professionally and she is one of the hardest working professionals I know. Melissa cares deeply about her commitment to inspiring students, parents, and faculty and consistently motivated all of us to work beyond our capabilities. I am not a writer or a designer, but Melissa Zier made me look like I was!

Melissa is truly one of the most gifted educators, graphic designers, marketing professionals, blog writers, technology gurus, and communicators I have had the distinct privilege to work beside. Melissa’s unwavering desire to capture simple moments and translate them into visual and written materials that exemplify the wonders of life and her willingness to genuinely help anyone she works with to stretch past their creative potential permeates all that she does. I enthusiastically endorse Melissa Zier and I believe you will look back as I do and thank the day you hired her. 

I contacted Melissa to create a logo for my travel blog and after talking to her, I knew right away that I hired the right person. Not only did she work with me through several revisions of the logo, but she produced a finished product in the perfect amount of time. I look forward to working with Melissa again in the future!

Dan Conerd
Global Giraffe
Travel Blogger

What a delight to have the opportunity to recommend BusyMo Media & Design. Melissa created our nonprofit's new website pro bono, which allows World Missions Possible to reach out to more patients in under-served & hard-to-reach areas. It was a distinct pleasure to work with Melissa who showed great patience with our technical issues and our lack of website know-how!

It is without any reservations that I recommend Melissa and BusyMo Media & Design as an honest, experienced, and trustworthy media and design company. On behalf of the Board of Directors of World Missions Possible and the patients we serve, we extend our heartfelt thanks and friendship to BusyMo Media & Design.

Evie Hudson
Hudson Law, PLLC

Melissa is responsive and professional! Great to work with! I sought her out to help me with a logo for a new law practice, at the recommendation of a friend. I was a bit nervous about working together long-distance and unsure if we could could creatively collaborate via email. It was not a problem!


Melissa came up a great original idea and worked with me to make a few minor changes to develop my brand and logo just how I envisioned! I get a ton of compliments from the public over my logo and she gets all the credit for it! I also frequently work with new business owners and always recommend BusyMo to them for graphic design.


Her services are also multi-faceted - she can help you as a business owner even when you don't know what you need or how to achieve it; from SEO to website development to branding. And at all different price points to fit your budget. I highly recommend BusyMo Media & Design!!!

My last website creation experience was such a headache and was so much work to do on my own. This time I enlisted the help of a pro, and it was such a breeze! Thank you, Melissa, for being such a joy to work with. I'm so excited to have found someone with your talent and ability and look forward to working with you on future projects!

Jenna Wahlstrom
Young Professionals of Watford City 
Founding Member

Steven Gomez
Euler Hermes

I was first made aware of Melissa and her work when a friend recommended her to me. I was looking for a graphic designer to design and create a logo for my endurance racing team. 

At first, I was hesitant to work with someone over long distance. I thought it would be difficult to relay my creative vision over phone calls and emails. Nevertheless, after reviewing her portfolio and also based on the strong recommendation I had received, I decided to work with Melissa. 

After just a few days of tweaking drafts, Melissa had a solid understanding of what kind of logo I wanted representing my team. Once I gave her the "go," it was just a week before I had the final draft in my in box. She supplied me with multiple file formats that are compatible with clothing screen prints, team videos and web posts. 

I highly recommend using Melissa for your personal or company related graphic design needs. She's a true professional.

I was referred to Melissa from my printer. I run a marketing department for a large internet company and many times I find myself in a time crunch bind to meet deadlines on new advertisements and such. Melissa was able to not only save me in meeting my deadlines but her work was wonderful. She provided the design for our best response rated direct mail piece ever. She is very easy to work with and very responsible when it comes to business. Thanks again, Melissa. Two thumbs up!!!

Nicholas Franz
Rise Broadband 

(formerly Skybeam)
Regional Sales Manager

Melissa is extremely professional. I have given her difficult tasks and with very little direction she figures out what I need. She is very talented and creative. She is also very reasonable for excellent quality work.

Mona Beer
Dare Boutique

Melissa Zier was a truly gifted colleague during her time at St. Francis. Her work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to adjust on the fly make her a fit for just about any industry work that I can think of. I would say that her most gifted skills are digital design, project management, and communication. If you have any other details that you would like answered, I’d be happy to answer anything else about her excellent work history with us. You can contact me at

I worked with Melissa for three years at St. Francis Episcopal Day School. During this time, Melissa served as our Middle School Technology Instructor, Middle School Content Chair and Yearbook Adviser. She excelled at all three roles. She worked with the middle school teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum. The teachers were always eager to work with her, even those who were more timid about technology use. Due to her coaching, our students participated in many highly creative, highly motivating, real-world, project-based learning experiences which integrated the use of technology. 


During her three years at St. Francis, the school's yearbooks were some of the best ever, and won many awards. Melissa's graphic design capabilities, as well as her creativity were huge assets. She was consistently sought out for various tasks requiring design skills. In addition, due to her marketing skills, the Yearbook created more revenue than in any previous years. 


Melissa goes above and beyond the scope of everything she takes on. She does not work by the clock, but by a standard she has set for herself. She seeks excellence in all that she does. Melissa was a huge asset to our school.

Melissa is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is very detail-oriented, organized, and has passion for what she does. Her work ethic is uncomparable and has a great personality to go with it. She always follows up until the task at hand is taken care of. Melissa is a great asset to whomever she works with.

Angela Bakas
Pearl Izumi
Product Developer

I was fortunate enough to work with Melissa at my first job out of college and I couldn't have asked for a better role model. She is incredibly hard working, bright, considerate, and creative. Melissa holds herself and her work with the utmost professionalism and takes on new challenges with a smile. She is a brain stormer, problem solver and all around team player. I have watched Melissa wear many hats from graphic design to marketing to website development to artist to customer service and as far as I can see, there isn't a hat that doesn't fit. She has taught me the definition of asset through her presence and work. I hope to one day be held in the same regard that both Melissa's employers and peers hold her.

Melissa is a fantastic graphic designer. She is knowledgeable, creative, and skilled. Watching her high level of productivity, with or without time constraints, is truly amazing. She is always a team player and does a great job.

Brigitte Scheck
Garb, Inc

The first time that I worked with Melissa was this summer on a cobranded (Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Jack Daniel's) project. I not only found that she is very good at her job, but she is also a wonderful person to work with. Her suggestions and insights to the translation between graphics and printing is excellent, she is pleasant to work with, and most importantly, with her knowledge, we completed the project on time and it looked great! I would recommend Melissa for any creative or production position.

Rob Hemschik

Working with Melissa when she was with Colorado Wholesale Group was a great experience. She's not only a talented graphic designer; she also brings sophisticated business and marketing insight to what she does. That's a winning combination.

Tom Sherlock
Allied Internet Productions, Inc

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